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Domestic Violence Death Review Team Role and function

The Domestic Violence Death Review Team (DVDRT) was established in 2010 under the Coroners Act 2009 (NSW) to systematically review deaths occurring in the context of domestic violence in New South Wales.

The DVDRT is a multi-agency committee that undertakes comprehensive analyses of deaths occurring in a context of domestic violence to identify trends and patterns, highlight limitations or weaknesses in service delivery and make recommendations to rectify such limitations.

The DVDRT aims to develop and promote domestic violence intervention and prevention strategies so as to reduce the likelihood of deaths occurring in similar circumstances in the future.

The functions of the DVDRT are:

  • to review closed cases of domestic violence deaths occurring in New South Wales;
  • to analyse data to identify patterns and trends relating to such deaths;
  • to make recommendations as to legislation, policies, practices and services for implementation by government and non-government agencies and the community to prevent or reduce the likelihood of such deaths;
  • to establish and maintain a database about such deaths; and
  • to undertake, alone or with others, research that aims to help prevent or reduce the likelihood of such deaths.

The DVDRT reports to the NSW Parliament, setting out findings from the quantitative and qualitative case analysis and the recommendations which are derived from this analysis.

DVDRT Membership

The DVDRT is convened by the His Honour Magistrate Michael Barnes, State Coroner and brings together representatives from key government agencies as well as non-government service providers and sector experts.

Government members

The DVDRT's Government representatives, appointed pursuant to ss101E(3)(a)-(l), comprise:

  • Rosemary Caruana (Corrective Services NSW) 
  • Kristen Daglish Rose (Department of Justice)
  • Natasha de Silva (Women NSW, NSW Health)
  • Conjoint Associate Professor Adrian Dunlop (Centre for Population Health, NSW Health)
  • Assistant Commissioner Michael Fuller APM (NSW Police)
  • Sharon Gudu (Statewide Housing Services, FACS)
  • Melanie Hawyes (Juvenile Justice)
  • Mahashini Krishna (Victims Services)
  • Trisha Ladogna (Department of Education and Communities) 
  • Lorna McNamara (NSW Health)
  • Grace Romeo (Community Services, FACS)
  • Anthony Seiver (Aboriginal Affairs NSW, DEC)  

​Non-government members

The DVDRT's non-Government service provider representatives, appointed pursuant to s101E(5)(a), comprise:

  • Christine Robinson (Wirringa Baiya Aboriginal Women's Legal Service)
  • Susan Smith (Sydney Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service)

The DVDRT's non-Government sector experts, appointed pursuant to s101E(5)(b), comprise:

  • Dr Lesley Laing (School of Social Work and Policy Studies, University of Sydney)
  • Dr Jane Wangmann (Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney)

Annual Reports

The Team reports to Parliament each year on domestic violence deaths reviewed in the previous year.

Government responses to Annual Reports