Coroners Court

What happens when the Coroner is involved?

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The Coroner’s job is to find out the identity of the deceased person and the date, place, medical cause and circumstances of the person’s death.  This will usually involve a number of investigations being carried out on the Coroner’s behalf by police, medical specialists and other experts.

If you have information that may assist any aspect of the investigation, you should contact the police. Alternatively, you may submit any information to us by emailing us or posting a letter.

Unfortunately, a number of popular television shows perpetuate the myth that a cause of death can be established quickly and that the coroner can pinpoint the time of death precisely. Neither of these things is true. The reality is that a coronial investigation is both complex and lengthy. Whilst some cases may be resolved within a few months, the majority of cases take considerably longer, often up to twelve months and in rare instances, even longer.

In cases where the incident that led to the death was unwitnessed, it may not be possible to be at all precise about the time or even the date of death.